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Terms & Conditions

SMOKING: is permitted outside only. 
UTILITIES: Owner pays all utilities - Water, Electric, Garbage, WiFi and Netflix. 
PETS: No pets are allowed on the premises. 
TRASH: All trash shall be in large lined blue trash barrel located in the driveway before check-out. 
DISHES: All dishes shall be washed before check-out. 
SEPTIC: Mexico does not have septic systems that are sophisticated like the US or Canada Septic Systems. No feminine products, garbage is not allowed at any time. Also, even toilet paper can clog the system so we ask for number 1, tissue gets thrown in small trash can provided in each bathroom, number 2 okay to flush. POOL: Use shower before entering the pool if you, snorkel gear, scuba gear, floaties have been in the ocean or other body of water. Bacteria can be introduced to the pool and it attacks the grout, if not rinsed off and is very hard to get rid of. 
Please respect yourself and future guests.) 
PARTIES: No large parties on the premises.
Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. 


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